One of the first things buyers expect to see when inspecting a vehicle are detailed service records contained within the logbook. This gives buyers confidence that the vehicle they are buying has been maintained in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and that kilometres travelled are all genuine. However, it is not uncommon for the logbook to go missing. You may be asking yourself the question of “Can I sell my car without the logbook?”, and the answer is YES.

In this blog post, we’ll shed some light on vehicle logbooks and how they can affect the sale of your car.


How do logbooks affect vehicle value?

If your car is only worth a few thousand dollars at most, potential buyers are unlikely to be too concerned about the logbook. However, if your car is a recent model or from a European manufacturer, most buyers do expect to receive a complete logbook.

The logbook signifies that the car has been looked after in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, and it will also document any warranty recalls and repair work which has been carried out. Therefore, logbooks are most important for recent model cars. If you’ve misplaced the logbook, the value of your vehicle will be somewhat reduced.

Most buyers looking at older cars will be willing to overlook the lack of logbook if you are upfront and honest about the condition of your vehicle, but be prepared to negotiate on your price.


I lost my logbook – Can I still obtain my vehicles service history?

If your vehicle is a recent model and has been serviced at an authorised dealership, you may be in luck. Some vehicle manufacturers and dealerships will happily search for your vehicles service history by conducting a VIN check. For example, if you bought your Mazda from a dealer and had it serviced there throughout your ownership, they will likely have complete service records on their computers.

It’s well worth contacting your dealer to see what they come up with. If they are able to find your service history, politely ask for a printout which you can include with the sale.

The same is also true if you have had your vehicle serviced at a local mechanic. There’s no harm in asking, and any information you are able to provide will increase buyer confidence and add value to the sale.


Selling Privately VS Selling to a Dealer OR I Sold My Car

When you are unable to provide a logbook with your vehicle, selling privately becomes a lot more difficult. Some buyers will immediately give your car a wide berth when they discover it does not have a logbook, but others may be willing to overlook this if they are able to negotiate the right price.

If you’d prefer to skip the hassle and achieve a quick and easy sale, it’s a good idea to look towards selling to a dealer OR selling to us. Service records are not as important in such cases, as the sales process is strictly regulated, and thorough checks will be carried out prior to the vehicle being on sold.


Sell to I Sold My Car – Contact us Today

So now you know that it’s OK to sell your car without a logbook, all you need to do is decide how you want to sell. If you’d rather skip the hassle and save some time, why not sell to us?

We buy cars of all makes and models, enabling you to achieve a quick and easy sale at fair market value.  Whether you have your vehicle logbooks or not, if you’re looking to sell we would love to hear from you. Please contact us today to arrange a vehicle inspection.